Welcome to Say Cheez                , the latest eatery in the Princeton area.  Say Cheez specializes in custom made grilled cheese sandwiches and homemade soups.  Even better than the ones Mom used to make!   Additionally, Say Cheez will feature Greek dishes (from legacy Zorba's Grill), fresh salads, home-made desserts, and various other side orders and entrees.

We would like to extend an invitation to stop by or even call for local delivery, within the Princeton area, and try our fine cuisine. 

Pick the cheese of your choice, along with the bread, supplied by local artisanal bread companies.  Add to it Toppings, Proteins & Accents and no two Say Cheez experiences are ever the same. 

Come visit Say Cheez at 183D Nassau Street and enjoy the best grilled cheese sandwiches and homemade soups in Princeton!  

"Gotta have the best grilled cheese sandwich in Princeton!"

"It's not easy being cheezy!"

"Just like you, the grilled cheese has grown up."

"This ain't your mamma's grilled cheese!"

Say Cheez in Princeton!

"I'm hungry, let's go to Say



Mon - Wed
8am  - 10pm
Thu - Fri
8am - 2am+
8am - 2am+
9am - 6pm

"Homemade soups are tremendous!"

Phone: 609 924-2454

Phone: 609 924-2454

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"The Mac & Cheese is Amaze-Balls!"

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